Research for Lobbying, Public Affairs & Issue Campaigns

MB Public Affairs, Inc. provides district-level data, issue/policy research and impact analysis tailored for lobbying and public affairs efforts. We understand the fast-paced nature of these types of campaigns and are equipped to deliver results under short deadlines. As importantly, we understand the political process along with the constituent issues, organizations, and players.


  • Economic Data by District – Calculating employment and unemployment levels, wage data, employment by industry, and data by demographic sub-groups for specific regions/legislative districts.
  • Business/Employer Data – Providing contact information and other data about employers, chambers of commerce, and other business groups in specific regions/legislative districts.
  • Campaign Finance Analysis – Identifying and providing contact information for political contributors in specific regions/legislative districts.
  • Other Grassroots Advocacy Tools – Providing contact information and other data about opinion leaders, political groups, non-profit organizations, and media outlets in specific regions/legislative districts.


  • Fiscal Impact – Calculating the expected costs to government budgets to determine the short term and long term impact of such costs.
  • Consumer Impact – Analyzing the likely consequences for consumers and end users, including whether some groups of constituents would be unduly affected.
  • Existing Policy Impact – Assessing how a proposal interacts with existing government programs and other public policy priorities.


  • Historical/Geographic Research – Examining prior (similar) efforts in California, other states, and at the federal level for any failures to meet the intended public policy goals.
  • Alternative Proposals – Presenting alternatives that are more viable, less onerous, and less costly while still meeting public policy goals.
  • Expert Opinion – Assembling expert opinions from academia, government, and non-profit organizations through research and direct.