Research for Candidate Campaigns

MB Public Affairs, Inc. analyzes data and presents results in a user-friendly format designed to help clients define opponents, target messages to voters and generate favorable earned media efforts.

The firm utilizes the most up-to-date research techniques as well as more traditional field research strategies to uncover salient information from the following sources:

  • Governmental records
  • Proprietary news and public records databases
  • News media archives
  • Video/audio capture
  • Blogs, social networking sites and other new media sources
  • State and federal court records
  • Property records and tax documents
  • Business, non-profit and regulatory filings
  • Governmental voting records and meeting attendance
  • Expense claims and reimbursements
  • Campaign finance reports
  • Governmental, academic and think tank reports
  • Freedom of Information Act and similar state-level/local-level public information requests
  • Other public records, documents and information from local, state, federal and international sources